About Me

Photo of Tabitha PyeI’m a Canadian stay/work at home mom to four young kids, one girl (age 10) and three boys (8, 6, & 4). As you may have guessed it’s pretty busy around here with four in school. I recently started volunteering at my kids school on pizza day and for field trips and I thoroughly enjoy it. I’m also a part of our school council and vice-president of fundraising and pizza for our Home & School Association. Between breaking up fights and sorting through the many loads of laundry, I like to keep fit and make healthy meals for my family, using the real ingredients, before I buy a can of something I see if I can make it myself first. I’m muddling my way through but I’ve found a lot of great resources to get us where we need to be.

I have an amazing, supportive husband who I’ve been married to for 13 years. He’s the love of my life and I’m sure you’ll hear lots about him on here. We both love to cook and so I’ll share how I’ve tweaked recipes to suit our whole foods approach.

I hope you enjoy all that I have to offer and please don’t forget to comment, I love to chat with my readers!

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