Image of a devotional and journal for girls called The Plans I Have For You

The Plans I Have For You Devotional & Journal #Giveaway #PlansIHave #FlyBy

A beautifully written and illustrated devotional and journal set for young girls. See what my daughter thought and enter our giveaway!

22 Jan 2016
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PASSION Salvation’s Tide Is Rising Album #Giveaway #PASSIONStir

I was so excited to have the opportunity to listen to this new album from The Passion Movement. It’s a collection of songs from their annual conference geared towards college students. I haven’t had any new music come into the house for while and this was a welcome edition to my library. There is just

15 Jan 2016

Pork Chops with Persimon® Chutney #TryAPersimon

Persimon® brand persimmons are in store now until mid-Januray, this is our experience cooking with them. Plus some good information about the fruit.

05 Dec 2015
Everything you have ever wanted, is sitting on the other side of fear.

I’m Happy For You {Sort of…Not Really} #HydrateForTheHolidays #giveaway

Tired of performing? Feeling weighed down by the pressure to be Pinteresting? Does your friend’s wardrobe, body, marriage, paycheck, vacation plans, or photoshoot-worthy home décor leave you wishing your life looked more like that?
You’re not alone.
With its focus on smarter, faster, thinner, and ever-better, our cultural obsession with comparison is undercutting relationships and sapping contentment. Our friends become our audience (or judges), and our titles, activities, even kids become part of our brand. Factor in social media’s constant reminder of what everyone else is doing, and no wonder we feel drained, discontent, and isolated.
Thankfully, we don’t have to live this way!
The book title says it all!!

01 Dec 2015

In Theatres Now – The Good Dinosaur! #GoodDino

Our review of The Good Dinosaur, in theatres November 25th, 2015.

26 Nov 2015

ESV Men’s Devotional Bible #Giveaway #MensDevotionalBible #FlyBy

In this post, my husband reviews an ESV Men’s Devotional Bible, plus I have one to giveaway as well.

20 Nov 2015
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Menu Plan for the Week of November 16th

A day late again! Ugh! Sorry about that, I got busy with the kids and life yesterday and it took me a while to decide what exactly we’d be having this week. Thursday is our youngest 4th birthday so I was also waiting for him to decide what he wanted for his birthday dinner. If

17 Nov 2015
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Inside Out – A Great Family Movie #Review

See what we thought of Inside Out, now available on DVD and digital download.

16 Nov 2015
Find Your Passion

Finding My Niche

I’m trying to find my niche in the large world of blogging, so I thought I’d write it down so my readers can keep me accountable! Do you have a burning question for me?

12 Nov 2015
Image for menu plan Monday

Menu Plan for the Week of November 9th

Our menu plan for the week of November 9th as well as a recap of our week.

09 Nov 2015
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