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Everything you have ever wanted, is sitting on the other side of fear.

I have so many thoughts whirling through my head after reading I’m Happy for You{Sort of…Not Really}  it’s hard to pinpoint the ones most worth of sharing. Within in the first couple of pages I was reading and nodding at every single sentence. It was like she was in my head writing down my inner most thoughts.

Cover image for the book I'm Happy for You (Sort of...Not Really)She is able to nail down all that social media can do to our minds and reminded me to always be mindful of the fact that we are only ever given “glimpses” into the lives of other people. She had a story in the book of a time she was waiting patiently for a parking spot to open in a busy parking lot when twice the spot she was waiting for was taken, not once but twice! Her reaction the second time around was childish to say the least(and she knew it…afterwards). I found myself feeling anger for her while reading the story but then having my anger deflated when she reminded us that we didn’t know how that persons day had been going. We don’t know if she had just gotten the worst news of her life or if she was going through a particularly bad time in life. We simply never know what possesses a person to “steal” a parking spot they can clearly see someone else was waiting for. And our reaction can redeem the situation or send it further into the abyss of anger and entitlement.

There are so many quotable paragraphs in this book I could fill an entire post of them and I know I didn’t even write them all down. I will share two of my favourite, slap you in the face, how did I miss this in life? paragraphs from the book and oddly enough they both centre around Adam and Eve:

When comparison isn’t involved, we are content. But once we start measuring our lives – against others, against what we could have, against what we think we should have – what we seem to lack takes center stage.”  (woah right???)


“You see, we were created to be together. God made humankind and looked down at Adam and said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone.’ When I read that passage of scripture the other day, I thought, But wasn’t God in the garden? Adam wasn’t alone. What is God trying to say here? And, I think He’s trying to say, ‘I love you but I created you for community with humans.’” (Andy Braner, Moat Blog)

PinterestingSocial media brings comparison to the forefront of our everyday thinking. Every time we open the app and scan our news feed and see what our friends are doing or buying or making. We compare that to what we are doing, buying, making and inevitably we fall short of the measuring stick of life. But Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like only offer us a Glimpse into the lives of others.

“Knowing and being known – truly belonging together as humans – has nothing to with Likes or Shares or tending.” 

I find myself comparing my life to the lives of others. Comparing what I’m able(or not able) to provide for my kids. I pine to be on the vacations my friends post, I covet their new homes and wish I was as crafty. But I have to step back and realize that I am doing my best, I am crafty in my own way and I am giving my kids the best life I can. I need to put down the measuring stick of life and realize I do MEASURE UP.

This was such an amazing book for me to read right now. I’m reading another book as a study with an amazing woman and both books seem to be telling me to change my mindset. I haven’t figured out for what just yet, but I’m feeling a pull to be more THERE for my kids, especially now that they are all in school.

You must read this book.

Since I think everyone should read this book, I have a copy to giveaway to one of my readers! Enter on the widget below.

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About I’m Happy For You (Sort Of…Not Really)

Our cultural obsession with comparison is undercutting relationships and sapping contentment. With disarming candor and humour, Kay Wills Wyma explores how to trade comparison for compassion and rediscover what life is all about.
It’s easy to get caught in the comparison games we play with our appearances, our kids, and our homes. Kay reminds exhausted families about tried and true remedies from the pressures of competitive living.
In her warm, relatable style, Kay confronts the comparison epidemic raging in our homes, our neighbourhoods, and our social-media feeds, offering remedies along the way.
With candor and humour, I’m Happy For You (Sort Of…Not Really) explores the troubling effects of living in an excessively competitive culture—and reveals simple yet effective ways to escape the comparison trap.
About the Author
Kay Wills Wyma is a blogger, mother of five, and the author of Cleaning House through which she has appeared on The TODAY Show, CNN, Glenn Beck, The New York Times, Focus on the Family, and more. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, she held positions at the White House, the Staubach Company, and Bank of America. Kay lives in the Dallas area with her husband, Jon, and their family.
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  • Christa Hartwig

    whether my parenting skills are up to par with other people? Am I doing enough for my kids?

  • sunshine

    I tend to compare both housekeeping abilities and other day to day thing…like I assume every one I know is better at housekeeping, time management, cooking etc. I’m beginning to learn that’s not the case :)

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