New Releases from the Pumpkinheads #Review
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The Pumpkinheads are new to our house. Until I received and email telling me about them I had never heard of them. So I have to assume that some of you may not know who they are either. So let me give you some background information.

Who are the Pumpkinheads?

An image explaining who the Pumpkinheads are

Our thoughts:

We received both of these books to review and I have to say they are pretty good. They kept my two younger boys entertained from cover to cover and they really got into the last few pages of each book where the Pumpkinhead kids tell us what they would do if they made a mistake or what they imagine.

The pages are very colourful and illustrated quite well. The rhyming in the book is also good for helping children to learn to read. Or at least that is what I have read recently. We’ve been reading a lot to our two youngest boys to help our second youngest learn to read. He’s been struggling recently and so I’m doing everything I can to get him up to speed with the rest of the kids in his class. It’s been a very frustrating process, but that’s for another post.

Both books were very engaging and my boys were asking if we could get the other books in the series as well. I call that a win as far as books go.

Both of these books, as well the others in the series can be purchased at most online and retail stores at a suggest price of $10.95 (though I just saw a few of the titles on for less 😉 )

For a little fun, which Pumpkinheads Character is most like your child?

Image describing traits of the Pumpkinhead kids

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