A Hot Walk Through Ferris Park #OntarioParks
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While we were visiting my in-laws a few weeks ago I decided to take my two older boys on a hike through Ferris Park in Campbellford. We had discovered that there were a number of hiking trails in the park that we hadn’t trekked yet. Since we love hiking, we just had to go for a hike.

A collage of photos from Ferris ParkIt was a stupid hot day, but I thought perhaps it would be cooler in the woods, I was wrong, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway.

A collage of photos of my boys in Ferris ParkThe boys had a lot of fun. My boys like to point out all the fun things that they find int he forest. They are collectors of weird and random things. If it fits in their pocket you better believe they’ll be bringing it home. E was lucky enough to find a very cool bug which of course he just had to pick up. He was fascinated with it, letting it crawl all over him. Even his older brother got in on the fun, something I never thought he’d do. (E is our resident bug guy)

A Collage of photos featuring our millipede friend found in Ferris ParkWe only did the shortest trail on this day so we have more to discover later. The mosquitos were really bad and the heat was melting, so we didn’t stay long. I can’t wait to explore more of Ferris Park on our many, many visits to Campbellford each year.

Photo of the Ferris Park trails mapWhere is your favourite place to hike?


  • Tammy In R Dream

    We recently went to Bon Echo and it was an amazing hike with the kids.

    • Tabitha Pye

      I really want to go to Bon Echo, it’s not that far from my in-laws and I know my kids would love it. :)

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