Our Kids First Day 2015 Experience #LdnOnt #KidsFirstDay

Last Friday(April 17th) was a PA Day for our school board and each year on this day Investing in Children here in London partners with over 50 businesses to offer free or low-cost activities for families to enjoy. And enjoy it we did!

A few weeks before Kids First Day I sit down with the list of activities and plan our day. I put a lot of thought into what activities we will participate in and I try to add a few new ones each year so we can eventually try everything. Some of the activities are only offered during certain hours of the day so I have to be pretty strategic to get everything in.

We really had a fantastic day this year. Even better than last year and I thought last year was fun! We had a full day planned. We got to everything on our list with acception of the PC Cooking school. This was where my plans failed. The PC Cooking School was being held from 12pm – 2pm and Scouts Canada was also being offered at the same time (12pm – 5PM), but I figured it would be busy because it was a new addition this year, but what I didn’t anticipate was just how much we would enjoy this stop. However, we still had an amazing day and I can’t wait until next year.

Here is a little wrap up of some the fun things we did during Kids First Day:


A favourite stop for us is always the library, this year the craft was making collages with various supplies.



Convent Garden Market participates every year, this year the theme was Sprouts! Cultivating Eco Adventures: Get Growing with Sprouts! We had so much fun making seed balls, sorting seeds, decorating seed packets and enjoying “Bird Seed” cookies.



Scouts Canada was so much fun to explore. We played Nature Bingo and most found most of the things on our card.



Eldon House was not new for us, we visited last year, but we couldn’t tour the house because I grabbed a coffee and you aren’t allowed food/drinks inside the house. So, this year we toured the house and had some victorian style fun in the interpretive centre. I am always amazed at how much fun the kids have here.




No Kids First Day would be complete without our annual stop at Kiwi Kraze for frozen yogurt. Kiwi Kraze offers the first 5oz free if you have a Kids First Day passport. So yum!

Another successful Kids First Day! Thank you Investing in Children for organizing this event and thank you to all the businesses who participate.

Did you participate? What was your favourite activity?


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