Fitness Blender 8 Week Fat Loss Program for Busy People 2 #Review
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It’s been a while since I did a Fitness Blender program review. Thanks to my unfortunate natural gas poisoning last year, I wasn’t doing any major working out while I recuperated. Then of course Christmas came and all the food and all the sweets. I needed to get things back under control!

This time around I did the 8 Week Fat Loss Program for Busy People Round 2. Every day during this program you workout for approximately 30 minutes a day 5- 6 days a week. The sixth day is always a lot less strenuous than the other five days. I don’t follow a specific diet while I do these programs, but I do try to limit my refined sugar intake and I eat a lot of vegetables and very little breads and such.

I found my energy levels this time around were so much better. I had no problems doing the workouts each day and I had plenty of energy to get through the day. So I’d say any adrenal fatigue is long cleared up and the gas has hopefully left my┬ásystem entirely.

I started the program on January 5th and finished last Friday morning. I am very pleased with my results.

Fitness Blender 8 Wk For Busy People Rd 2

On January 5th, I did my physical fitness test which consists of a 1 mile run, squats, push ups and a plank until exhaustion and a reach test. In the interest of honesty, I didn’t get to do my 1 mile run until a week into the program but I did get it done.

Starting Weight: 152 lbs
Run (on a treadmill at speed setting of 6): 10:30
Squats: 115
Push-Ups: 26 (7 Full)
Plank: 60 seconds
Reach: 4.5″

Fitness Blender 8 Wk For Busy People Rd 2

There isn’t a staggering difference between my before and after photos, but I have definitely noticed a lot more definition in my arms which doesn’t show in the pictures. And overall my energy level has increased, so I call that a win. Here are my results from today’s physical fitness test.

Weight: 152
Run (on a treadmill at a speed setting of 6.2): 9:42 (48 seconds better)
Squats: 120 (increase of 5)
Push-Ups: 36 (0 Full) (increase of 10)
Plank: 1 minute 20 seconds (increase of 20 seconds)
Reach: 7.75″ (an increase of 3.25″)

I am very happy with these results. I did better on every component and I can only get better from here.

Now I just have to work on my sugar addiction and kick start the weight loss again. I’d like to get down to 145lbs, but I seem to be stuck where I am so I have adjusted my calorie intake to a maintenance amount and I am hoping this will reset things and I can get those last few pounds off.

So tell me have you tried a Fitness Blender program? What did you think?


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