Menu Plan Monday – Dec 15 – 21

It’s only 10 more days ’til Christmas!!!!! I’m excited. Mostly because this is the last week of lunch prep for two weeks! This is the first year I am actually excited at the prospect of having all four kids at home for two weeks. I need a lunch prep break! Who’s with me??

Last week my husband got tackled by the flu and was home for three days during the week and home again today (Monday). This has made me very unproductive! When he’s sick, of course, all he wants to do is lie down and rest and watch TV and because of that all I wanted to do was rest and watch TV! So I got very little done on the blog front and the house is a disaster! He should be going to work tomorrow so I can get the house back in order and wrap up some final things for Christmas.

With him being sick, I didn’t make three of last week’s planned meals so I have recycled them to this week! Woot for saving money :)

Here is this week’s menu:

Monday – Leftover Pizza/Periogies
Tuesday – Tacos
Wednesday – Cilantro Lime Rice with Mexican Chicken
Thursday – Quiche
Friday – Turkey Enchilada Potatoe Casserole
Saturday – Mini Turkey Pot Pies
Sunday – Pizza

Next week will be interesting with all the Christmas festivities so I may or may not have a post. What are you eating in this last week before Christmas?

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