Legoland – Fun for the Whole Family

On October 4th, we had the pleasure of attending the Legoland Discovery Centre in Vaughn (Toronto). And we had sooooo much fun! I managed to keep our little excursion a secret from the kids, and were they ever surprised when we pulled up in front of Legoland. It was the older kids who read the sign and alerted the younger ones, but the excitement was there all the same. We tried to keep up the ruse even while we walked up to the doors, it wasn’t until we actually entered the attractions that the kids actually believed we were indeed going in. 😀

The first room you enter is The Lego Factory Tour, where you learn all about how Lego is made. This was particularly interesting to my kids for some reason, they loved turning all the dials and pushing the buttons. It was especially cool to see how many Lego pieces it would take to make their weight.

Legoland TorontoAfter the Factory Tour, it’s time to go on the Kingdom Quest Laser Ride. This was actually a really fun ride! You are guided through the kingdom in a chariot and you have to shoot the bad guys with your laser gun to rescue the princess. Apparently you were supposed to be watching your score (who knew?) on the dash in front of you, but I didn’t realize that. I was having so much fun shooting, and so were the kids we didn’t glance down to get our scores. Of course, my husband, L(7) and N(2) tracked their scores with diligence. My husband said that was his favourite part. Probably because he won.

The next room is Mini Land. This room was stunning! It was a replica of Toronto and a few other places of interest in Ontario. Some of the replicas were interactive, which I didn’t find out until we almost left the room, so I had to go back and check them all out!

Legoland TorontoAfter this, you enter the “main” room where you can then explore to your heart’s content! They have a race car building centre where you can build your car and then test them out on the race track.  Each of the kids built some cars–even N(2) built a car–with his Dad’s help, and raced it.

Legoland TorontoThere is a Duplo section for the little ones, Ninja Laser Training Camp, where you have to navigate a short hallway of lasers and attempt to get through without touching a laser. (I didn’t do very well.) Master Builder Academy, where you get to make a Lego creation with the guidance and teaching of a Master Builder. The month of October seems to be Halloween-themed as you’ll see from the pictures. Also, a 4D Movie theatre (apparently the fourth dimension, here, is wind and water, rather than time, but that’s okay), featuring several short movies, although we only attended one. As for the Fire Academy and Construction Site zones, we didn’t get a chance to go in these ones, since the lines were a bit long and the kids were already getting weary, but they looked like a lot of fun. And finally, Merlin’s Apprentice, a fun pedal ride: the faster you pedal the higher you go! We were lucky that our two oldest were tall enough to ride on their own so that we could divide up and ride with the two youngest. We all had a blast on that ride. It was quite the mini workout!

Legoland TorontoAll the kids had a blast and admittedly so did the parents. We each had our own favourite part. When you finish playing you exit through the Lego store and there are so many different sets to choose from, even some of the hard to find sets, which was really neat to see first-hand.

This is an adventure the kids are going to remember for quite some time, and definitely helped to foster their love of Lego even more. Of course, now we need to find more places to store the additional sets we came home with. O_o

Are your kids Lego fans? Have you ever been to Legoland?


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