The Nose Doesn’t Lie

For a while now, I had thought I was smelling gas in the house. Normally this should have triggered warning bells but when I asked my husband if he smelled it, he never did. So I passed it off as my over-sensitive nose and moved on.

Skip ahead a few months, and I came home after being away for a week with the kids and because the house had been closed up all day, the first thing that hit my nose was a nasty smell. Again, I thought maybe gas but then we thought maybe it was a dead animal in the walls and moved on, because we had no idea who to call about a dead animal in the wall and the smell seemed to die down.

Then we went away on our holiday and the house was closed up for two solid weeks again. When we arrived home the smell that assaulted our senses when we opened the door was undeniable by everyone. Even the kids smelled it this time. Now it was a matter of figuring out what was causing the odour.

So of course, we searched the internet. Everything we found suggested a gas leak would smell like rotten eggs. So we temporarily ruled that out because the smell was not rotten egg, to us. We revisited the dead animal in the wall theory, but again we came up empty as to who to contact.

After a few days, the smell died down, throughout the rest of the house and seemed centralized in the basement, specifically in the laundry room, where the furnace and hot water heater also reside.

Now for a little back story: back in December of 2013 I had the water heater replaced and of course to do this they would have had to reconnect it to the gas line, so I figured that’s where the leak was.

FurnaceSo about two weeks ago, I called in the water heater guys to come check for a leak. $100 later and it’s not the water heater.

So that means it must be the furnace (our 30-year-old furnace that we’re trying to make last for a few more years). Thankfully we have protection insurance on our furnace, so I called that company to come in and have a look. And it turns out the furnace was indeed the culprit! I had forgotten that shortly after having the water heater installed the furnace wasn’t working and I had to have the furnace guy come in and light the pilot, which meant changing the thermocouple. In the process of changing the thermocouple, I think the guy wiggled things around a bit too much and perhaps caused a crack in the gas line going into the furnace. Which then caused a slow leaking of gas throughout my house. Not enough to set off the detectors, and not enough to have exploded from the several candles and fireplace fires we’ve had.

So, what happens when gas leaks in your house for months and months, you ask?

Let me tell you. You get very tired, you get a fuzzy brain and you feel extremely run down. Or at least that’s what happened to me. Some of my recent ailments were definitely a result of breathing in gas for months, especially when you consider I would work out pretty intensely in the basement for at least an hour each morning. My symptoms were the worst after completing my first Fitness Bender 8-week program. It explains some of my results at the end and why I didn’t do as well when I did the second 8-week program.

The past two weeks I have been feeling more rested, my mood has been better, and the kids are also different. They’re less draggy and full of more energy (which they had plenty of before).

Lesson: if you smell gas, and no one else does, call someone to come check it out, because you’re better off to have someone come in unnecessarily then to be breathing in toxic fumes for 8-9 months.

Have you ever had an experience like this?

  • Brandee H

    Wow! That must have been so scary!! You must be so relieved to discover the cause of your physical distress as well!

    • Tabitha Pye

      Once we realized just how long we had a leak, we couldn’t stop marvelling at how dangerous it was! So scary! And it has indeed been a relief to figure out some of my physical stuff as well. Though I am still quite tired, I am definitely on the mend!

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