Hall’s Harbour and the Minas Basin #Travel

One of the things I really wanted to see on this trip to Nova Scotia was the Bay of Fundy. If you don’t know, the Bay of Fundy has the world’s largest tides. The scenery is simply magnificent and attempting to even grasp the enormity of just how big these tides are is somewhat overwhelming and a little daunting when you see just how big they are.

While we didn’t exactly get to the Bay of Fundy we did get very close. There are a few places I’d still love to visit to get the full picture and I think the kids would love to see some of the places as well.

We actually stopped in a small village, a hamlet even, called Hall’s Harbour. We happened to be there while the tide was out and I was very glad that we were. It allowed me to get a full glimpse of how large these tides actually are. It would’ve been nice to sit and have a meal in the restaurant there and watch the tides come back in.

Here is a collection of photos from that, including a few from a little further down near Canada Creek on Black Rock Road. It was a little foggier by this time, but it was still beautiful.


Boats just sitting on the bottom of the ocean.


A little foggy but still beautiful.


You can see just how far up the water will come when the tide comes back in. Incredible!


This was just funny, someone has repainted the caution sign with a sea monster. 😀


We took this shot for the kids because we thought the rocks sort of looked like a turtle’s back. It was really neat.


Just my husband playing around with settings again. But still a beautiful foggy shot.


Off on the right, in the distance, you can just see a lighthouse, wish we’d gotten closer for a better picture.

Have you been to the Bay of Fundy? Was it when the tides were in or out?



  • Lisa

    I’ve been to the Bay of Fundy when the tide was out but not in NS but in NB at Hopewell Rocks. I agree, it’s pretty crazy how deep that water gets.

    • Tabitha Pye

      It’s really neat! I found a place I would’ve LOVED to visit the day before we were headed out, guess I’ll just have to go back :)

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