East Meets West in Mahone Bay #travel

One of the places I really wanted to revisit while we were in Nova Scotia, kid free, was Mahone Bay. I got a small glimpse into some of the shops the first time we went, but I really wanted to go back and explore ALL the shops, without a slightly grumpy and hot six year old at my side. He would ask every 30 seconds if we were leaving and he felt the need to touch everything on the shelves.

Mahone BaySo this time we parked the van and walked down the street stopping in every little shop that seemed interesting. My favourite was this little handmade soap shop. I had fun just sniffing all the soaps and admiring all the designs and shapes the owner had created. I ended picking up a bar of Lime Margarita soap and a little buff puff type thing that holds the little pieces of soap when they get too hard to use with your hand. It’s the niftiest thing I’ve ever seen! I love it and I want more now. :)

Another thing I wanted to do while we were there was to try this little cafe I spotted last year that serves our favourite coffee of all time. It was a little east meets west sort of experience as we sipped on our Kicking Horse coffee. For those that don’t know, Kicking Horse coffee is roasted in Invermere, BC, it’s organic and fair trade as well. And in our opinion, one of the finest coffees we’ve ever brewed at home.

Kicking Horse CoffeeI’m not sure why, but I only took a few pictures of our visit to Mahone Bay. It’s a really beautiful spot I don’t know what I was thinking.

Have you ever been to Mahone Bay?

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