The Dingle Tower #Travel

My husband and I love to go for walks/hikes when we are on vacation and even as a family. Luckily Halifax has many parks and walking trails. Even some I discovered once we got home. :(

One such park is Fleming Park. It’s located off Purcell’s Cove Road and it’s great for bikers, runners or a lengthy walk. It also boasts The Dingle Tower monument. I tried to read the plaques in the building, but it was too dark for me to see them and what I did get to read, sadly I don’t remember what it said. lol

Dingle TowerApparently, the tower gives the best views in the city of Halifax’s Northwest Arm and I definitely can’t argue with that! If you’re up for a good stair climb, then the Dingle tower is the place to go. I have no idea how many steps there are, but I think it was at least four, maybe five, stories high(?). It was neat to look out the windows at each level and try to determine which way you were facing. When you go in circles up a few flights of stairs you kind of lose track of where you’re looking.

Dingle Tower ViewI didn’t get to take too many pictures, as we didn’t go at the greatest time of day for great shots; but I did take a few and the view really was gorgeous. I wish we had gone earlier to enjoy a walk along some of the paths. Perhaps on our next visit :)

What kind of things do you like to do while on vacation?

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