Day Tripping – Hamilton, Ontario

A couple of weekends ago we took advantage of the warm weather again and decided to head to Hamilton for the day. I googled things to do in Hamilton, and found a few great ideas that were within budget to do, and made a plan accordingly.

We packed a lunch and some snacks and we were on our way. Our first stop was to Target because I realized on the way that we were going to need more water than I had brought, so we needed to get a large thermos that we could put extra water and ice in. After we got that, we were able to head down to our first “official” stop of the day.

Pier 4 Park Hamilton, OntarioWe went down to Pier 4 Park, which is located at Bay Street N and Guise Street W. The park’s biggest feature is the Bayport Tugboat, and the splash pad area. The tugboat has a great view of the bay which makes it easy for parents to just sit and watch the boats and calm waters. The day we went, there just happened to be a Craft Beer Fest going on so we couldn’t walk the many trails like I had planned, but we were still able to set up a little picnic to enjoy our lunch, and the kids were still able to play on the tugboat. It was a great park, and I’d like to go back again when there isn’t a festival going on that’s blocking the walking paths. :)

Pier 4 Park Hamilton, OntarioAfter the park, we headed over to Dundurn Castle, and I’m so glad we did. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I’d hoped the kids would enjoy themselves but I wasn’t sure. As it turned out the kids really loved looking around the house and learning all about how the family lived. The owner of the house was Sir Allen Napier McNab, a railway magnate, lawyer, and Premier of the United Canadas (1854-1856).

Dundurn Castle - UpstairsWe learned about the servants and the family, and it was interesting for the kids to hear that the servants lived and worked in the basement while the family lived a lavish lifestyle on the upper floors. It was also interesting for them to hear that there were certain rooms and situations where kids weren’t allowed to be. For instance, the kids never ate in the big formal dining room, they ate in the nursery upstairs. And the kids weren’t allowed to use the big grand staircase they had to use the servants’ stairs.

Dundurn Castle - DownstairsFor me, the most interesting part of the tour was the basement where the servants worked. It had a very Downton Abbey feel to it. The kitchen looked a lot like the kitchen of Downton Abbey, and they had a lot of the same rooms as well. They used the same type of bell system as they do on Downton; It was really neat to see all of that. After the tour of the house, which takes about 45 minutes, we were able to tour the garden, followed by the Military Museum.

Dundurn Castle - Garden and Military MuseumIt was a great day, and I know we only scratched the surface of all that Hamilton has to offer. I’m looking forward to our next day trip to Hamilton!

Have you been to Hamilton before? Do you have any suggestions for our next visit?



    Hamilton has many things to do and see, Canadian War Plane Museum, African Lion Safari, Battlefield Park, Whitehearn, Also Hamilton is home to many waterfalls and has taken on the name of Waterfall City, The museum of Steam and Technology is just down the road from me, many attractions to see, many festivals to go to . You will have to come back and visit again

    • Thanks for the tips! We will definitely be back! Since it’s only an hour and a half away it’s a great day trip option for us :)

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