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With Canada Day happening next week, it’s a great time to start planning how your going to celebrate and get some fun activities together for the kids.

We don’t typically go to any festivities as we’re always travelling on or around Canada Day and somehow always miss our local celebrations, but I think it’s still important to teach our kids about this great country we love in. We have a lot of fun doodling in our house so when I heard about the book Canada Doodles from Raincoast Books I just had to get it for my daughter!

When it arrived she practically squealed. She has a Canadian joke book that she can’t stop reading to us, so I knew this book would excite her. So far she has only started reading through it and planning all the drawings she’s like to do. I think I have a budding artist on my hands.

Each page gives a fun little tidbit about Canada spanning the entire country from the Yukon to the Bay of Fundy. You can imagine what you would shout from the top of Mount Logan in the Yukon, you can make up lines and draw costumes for the actors in a play at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival and even design costumes for the Cirque du Soleil performers in Montreal. The book definitely hits on all the fun interesting things to do across our great nation.

The book is intended for ages 8 and up and I would have to agree because some of the information would go over the heads of a younger audience, but if your little one loves to draw, they can definitely get enjoyment out of it at any age. Think of what a great book this would be if you ever had the chance to do a cross country vacation?

Since we’re not ones to hog all the fun, I have three great, FREE, printable’s for you, so you can join in on the fun and get your kids excited for Canada Day!

Canada Doodles Pg 137Canada Doodles Pg 137

Canada Doodles Pg 116Canada Doodles Pg 116

Canada Doodles Pg 57Canada Doodles Pg 57

You can purchase your own copy of Canada Doodles at, and  Make sure to follow the author, Megan Radford on twitter “@meganradford and Raincoast Books “@RaincoastBooks.”

What fun Canadian facts or attractions would you put in a book like this?

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