The Ultimate Blog Party 2014

Ultimate Blog Party 2014
Hi there, I’m Tabitha. This is my first year participating in The Ultimate Blog Party, hosted by the wonderful ladies from 5 Minutes for Mom.

The Ultimate Blog Party is a great opportunity to discover and connect with new and old blogs in a variety of categories, with prizes! Apparently this is the 8th year this has run and I am excited to be able to participate.

For those new to my blog, I am stay at home mom of four, and I just started my personal blog last October. Before that I was doing product reviews over on 3 Boys and A Dog, so the product review blog is nothing new to me. My goal with my blog is to provide quality reviews of economical and healthy product and services. I am on a very long journey to get my family eating the most healthy foods possible.

I’m a workout junky who loves coffee and has a weakness for sweets! (though I can’t eat most of them now due to my new found gluten sensitivity/intolerance.

I hope you’ll stick around and read some of my older articles. Thanks for stopping by!


  • JENerally Informed

    Hi Tabitha! So happy to have found your blog via the UBP14! We have a lot on common and I think your posts will be very helpful. Have a great weekend and I’ll be back soon :)

    • Tabitha Pye

      Thanks for stopping by! And I hope you have a great weekend too :)

  • I didn’t know you had a blog before! I am so glad that I met you through social media and have fun during the party!

    • Tabitha Pye

      Awww thanks Brandy! I feel so blessed to have met you. It’s been an adventure “meeting” everyone through social media before starting my own blog. Gave me some great insight into this bumpy fun world :)

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