Kids First Day Fun

We had so much fun yesterday during Kids First Day here in London. We planned out our route Thursday night, so we’d be all ready to get going first thing Friday morning. I’m so glad we planned it out, it made getting to each destination so much easier and quicker.

So here’s just a peak into how our day went yesterday.

Kids First DayOur first stop was our local library, where they had colouring sheets and a fun mosaic craft for the kids to do. We were also able to pick up our passports so we could enter in for a chance to win a prize.

Kids First DayOur next stop was, ArtVenture, where the kids got to choose what they were going to draw. My kids all chose to do a still life. Obviously this adventure was geared more towards older kids. The photo on the bottom left is what my 4 year old drew to help the 2 year old feel better because he didn’t get a piece of paper to draw on, so he drew him an Elmo (his favourite toy). So sweet :)

Kids First DayNext we stopped in at our local Indigo (formerly Chapters) for a rainy day craft, of a rainbow umbrella. My kids were more interested in all the fun toys on display and the large displays of Lego all over store, but that’s ok, we still had fun!

Kids First DayOur funnest stop, was to Mad Science, where the kids got to make slime and watch some really cool experiments with dry ice. I almost couldn’t pull the kids away from this one!

Kids First DayThis one wasn’t on our list but we finished so early at Mad Science we thought why not add one more location. So we decided to go to Eldon House, a love historical site, where the kids got to learn about games they used to play and we got to guess what some items were that they used in that time period. We got to use quill and ink to write and chalk and slate like they kids used at school. The craft at this location was an old victorian style fan. We had so much fun dressing up and using all the tools that we didn’t even get a chance to explore the house before our parking meter ran out. :( We’ll have to go back at another time to explore to the house.

Kids First DayAnd finally to complete the day we stopped one of the local frozen yogurt places, Kiwi Kraze, to get a treat. They were offering the first 5oz free with your Kids First Day , couldn’t pass that up! We all got a small treat for $4!

We can’t wait for next year, hopefully we’ll try out a bunch of new places too because the kids will all be a year older and we’ll be able to do even more things :)

Thanks to Investing in Children for putting this fun event together along with all the local businesses who participated.

Does your city do anything like this to feature local businesses?

*Pardon the quality of the photos, I was using my iPhone*




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