Want a Simple Way to Backup your Photos? Give Picture Keeper a Try!

Do you make it a regular habit to backup up your data, specifically your photos?

This past summer the unthinkable happened. The hard drive on my 6-month-old MacBook Air died. Completely died. I lost everything. All my photos, all my files, everything. And of course I hadn’t backed up anything since I had gotten the new laptop, except whatever I had “in the cloud”. The most devastating loss though, for me, was my pictures. We had just gotten back from our first ever family vacation to Nova Scotia and all the pictures were on my laptop. All the photographic memories from our trip were there because I had recently cleared them off my phone.

Picture Keeper Screenshot 1To add insult to injury, when my husband went to check if my photos had backed up to my photo stream, he discovered that the hard drive on our main “family” computer was also dead. Another devastating loss.

Thankfully in June, he had just finished backing up all our multimedia files, (music, video and photos) to our backup drive, but of course that backup wouldn’t have included our most recent trip. After checking various places, we found out that the photos had indeed backed up to the cloud and we were safe, but boy did we ever learn our lesson. BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER(S)! A hard drive can die at any time, so it’s better to have your files safely stored in a few locations.

That’s where Picture Keeper comes in extremely handy, at least where photos are concerned. And, because it’s so small, it can easily travel with you and take up no more space than a tube of lipstick. So if you work from a laptop you can backup your pictures on the go.

Picture Keeper ScreenshotThe Picture Keeper was super easy to set up. After plugging it into an available USB slot, it quickly and efficiently backups your photos, while keeping your file structures and avoiding duplicates(it even keeps your iPhoto file structure!). The initial setup time will vary from user to user based on the number and size of pictures you have to backup. Mine didn’t take too long at all, but then I only had about 1250 photos in my iPhoto library to back up. It took approximately 25 minutes, and skipped over all duplicates. It doesn’t back up your videos though, so you’ll need to find another solution for that.

Picture Keeper has 4 different models to choose from:

PK 4PK16 - Picutre KeeperHolds up to 4,000* photos $29.99
Keeps up to ~4000* pictures safe!

PK 8
Holds up to 8,000* photos $59.99
Keeps ~8000* pictures safe!

PK 16
Holds up to 16,000* photos   $99.99
Keeps ~16,000* pictures safe!

PK Pro
Holds up to 250,000* photos based on a 1MB photo size. (drive colour may vary)
With Picture Keeper Pro, it’s a snap to save up to 250,000* pictures! And because there’s no software to install, it’s that much easier.
*ESTIMATE – based on an average size of 1 MB per picture

How much is peace of mind worth to you? With Picture Keeper you can store thousands of pictures – safely and securely. The Picture Keeper automatically finds and saves your pictures. Just plug it in, click start and Picture Keeper does the work for you. Use it in a digital picture frame, LCD TV, photo kiosks or just store it away.

The Picture Keeper Difference

  • Skips duplicate photos
  • No software to install, wires to connect, passwords to remember, or monthly fees.
  • Use on multiple computers; both PC and Mac compatible.
  • Once one Picture Keeper fills, just use another and the second will continue where the first left off. Amazing!
  • Works well with all photo organizing softwares like Kodak Easy Share.
  • Easily use with your digital photo frame, favorite print kiosk or keep in a fireproof safe.

They also have software you can install on an external hard drive that will do the same thing as the Picture Keeper device will. And to add even more icing to the cake they also have an app, available for iPhone/iPad and Android, that will push your photos (and videos if you like) to your computer for backup later to your picture keeper device or external hard drive running Picture Keeper backup software.

It really is an all-in-one back up solution for your photos. I have had many friends that have had scares of photo losses and I know that they could’ve all benefited from this simple device. It can be a very stressful thing to think you’ve lost all your photo memories, especially if you have kids! I know we have around 20,000 photos of our kids and family time and I can’t imagine how I would feel if I lost them all.

Picture Keeper has generously offered to give away a PK4 Picture Keeper to one of my readers! Enter on the Giveaway Tools widget below!


*Disclaimer: Picture Keeper has agreed to giveaway the PK4 device. I was not paid in cash for this posting. I was sent a product for review and all opinions are my own.*



  • Becca Ingram

    No backup system in place. I’m not very sophisticated. 😉

  • Jeannie

    I have no back up system. Now I’m worried!!

  • Yes, i have an external back up which failed last year and made the drive unrecoverable! I lost so many precious photos that i can never get back. I was told to always have a back up of your back up. I love your review on this, i want one so bad now!

  • Judy Cowan

    I try to save my picture to USB drives but I usually end up with the same pictures on multiple disks. Picture Keeper sounds like a great option! (Judy C)

  • annet

    No, I have not got a back up system for my photos!

  • Cheryl Grandy

    No backup system for my photos – I need Picture Keeper!

  • piroska

    I do have a backup system, but one can never have too many!

  • Laurie Bolduc

    I have a back up system but its an external hard drive and it is making funny noises. I need something portable and safe.

  • Andrea

    I have a mac, and I have some saved to cloud but no real back up

  • lyn21

    I don’t current;y have a back up system but we need one!

  • angela mitchell

    My photos are completely unorganized but I do keep copies on at least one computer (usually more) and I also keep a hard copy. I never erase my SD cards — I just can’t. I just buy new ones:)

  • Hugo Nielsen

    I do but I would like this for my friend, he keeps all his photos on memory cards. ! So dangerous !

  • Janine

    I do have backups in place, and they run every night (2 am to be specific … and if I’m awake, it scares me because I hear my drives churning, and in my sleepy state have to figure out what the heck’s happening….). I have my main PC backing up to an EHD and another EHD backing up to it as well … then a few little EHD’s with older backup …. and some cloud storage. It may sound like overkill but I’ve had a hard-drive failure and not lost one single thing, so it’s well worth it. :) I’d love to have a place to just store personal photos, separate from everything else!

  • I am just leaving them on the SD card for now. This would be amazing to have

  • irish_iis

    I try to keep a separate back up but I am not very good at it

  • Heidi C.

    I don’t have a backup for my photos so this would be great to have.

  • Natalie yeoman

    no i dont have any backup for my photos

  • Tasha

    The only backup I currently use because there is an app for it on my phone is Dropbox. But I have thousands of photos that aren’t on my phone, that need to be backed up.

  • Cassie Fancy

    I have some of my photos backed up on discs

  • Julie Bolduc

    No lol does facebook count????

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