Take Your Kids on a Wild Alphabet Adventure with Mila & Penn

Mila & Penn's Amazing Alphabet AdventureStoryPanda is at it again! This time they’ve added a fun, interactive and educational alphabet adventure kids book to their lineup.

Written and Illustrated by Nicole Tan, Mila & Penn’s Amazing Alphabet Adventure, is cute to the core! The sounds and animations had my kids giggling and asking for more. I don’t know why but that really liked the little giggles from the little girl in the story. At least, I assume that’s why they kept tapping her image and laughing.

Mila & Penn's Amazing Alphabet AdventureRead through the entire book as it’s written, and watch each letter go it’s own little adventure and when you’re done, as always, you can go back through and change the wording and props to bring out your child’s imagination. My 9 year old had a lot of fun coming up with a new story for this one. I showed her how to do it and then I left her alone to create her own alphabet story. She really got into it and I think her creation was really good!
Mila & Penn's Amazing Alphabet AdventureI’m hoping this book will also my help 4 year old with his letter recognition as well, he’s struggling a bit recognizing letters and I’m looking for things to peek his interest enough to make him learn.

Mila & Penn’s Amazing Alphabet Adventure is available now through the iTunes App store for $2.99.


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