Kids First Day, Happening March 7, 2014! #LdnOnt

Kids First DayIf you haven’t heard of, or participated in, the activities of Kids First Day here in London, I recommend that you give it a try. With activities all over the city, ranging from science, museums, reading, crafts and much, much more, you simply can’t go wrong. Plus it’s all free, with the exception of some local businesses charging a *really* small fee for participation. (I’m talking $5 and under, with the exception of Laser Quest)

We participated last year and although we didn’t get to go to as many things as I’d have liked we still had a great time. We were able to visit the Museum of Archaeology, where the kids were able to explore and learn about our local Native heritage. And we got to make little clay bowls. I was surprised at how interested my kids were. We visited our local library branch and made a craft. Chapters was also involved and we got to make a few different bookmarks and listen to a story. It was really a great day and I wish we could’ve spent the whole day and visited more places.

The best part, is at the beginning of your day, you pick up a passport, and then when you visit each attraction, you get your passport stamped and then you are entered into a draw for some pretty great prizes. Last year my oldest boy won a family membership to the Museum of Archeology. (We never got to redeem it because sadly I misplaced the envelope until about 2 weeks after the redemption period expired! *face palm*)

So if you’re looking for something to do to keep your kids busy for the PD Day, then go to the site and check out what’s happening and plan your day accordingly. You really can make a whole day of it and have fun too! I’m already planning our route!

Have you ever taken part in Kids 1st Day? Does your city have a day like this?

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