You Can Be Anything! – A Great Last Minute Gift Idea #Christmas

IMG_0062I have really gotten into interactive storybooks lately. Their the kind of app(s) I don’t mind my kids playing with. And the interactions are always different and story appropriate. But Storypanda has taken the interactive storybook to a whole new level with the “create” feature included in most of their books.

The most recent app we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing is called You Can Be Anything by Charles M. Shultz. It’s a Peanuts book featuring Snoopy that teaches kids that they can be anything, from and Astronaut to a lawyer or even a World War 1 Flying Ace.

You Can Be Anything

Some of the Create options.

The book has two reading options, Read to Me and Read by Myself. And you also have the option to create a new story by changing some wording or by putting fun new outfits on Snoopy. My six year old was having a blast changing things up and creating a whole new story. Once you’re all finished changing the story you have the option to share it with friends and family. Such a great idea to send to grandparents at different stages in your child’s life to see if their interests have changed.

You Can Be Anything! is available in the iTunes App Store for $2.99. Also be sure to look for other Storypanda titles, they have many great stories to choose from.

*Disclaimer: I was given a free version of the above reviewed app, to help facilitate this review. All opinions stated are strictly my own. I also happen to really enjoy Storypanda story apps!*



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