Our Adventure to #MedievalTimes

Two Sundays ago, we had the most amazing opportunity to head to Medieval Times in Toronto, thanks to PTPA and @tjzmommy.

It was the most FANTASTIC experience we have had since our trip to Nova Scotia this past summer. It’s been almost a week and my kids are still talking about it, still reenacting stuff and still wanting to be knights and princesses and kings. Right from the moment you step in the doors of the theatre you are sent back in time and treated like nobles. From referring to us as lord and lady, and our kids as squires, to eating our feast of a meal with our fingers they really did deliver. Other than the fact I was still in my modern clothing, I truly felt like we had been thrown back in time.


All the knights ready for the tournament!














The excitement starts in the lobby area where you can view the magnificent horses, see a falcon up close. Shop for fun medieval memorabilia like wooden swords, goblets, princess crowns and hats, armour and so on. You can also let them know if you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion and they will shout it out at some point during the night. And  you can also extend your experience by getting knighted, which would’ve been super fun for my boys!

#MedievalTimesAt a designated point they call all the knight teams into the arena and that’s when all the fun starts. The horses show off their talents, the knights have tournaments of various skills, all culminating in the grand finale of the winning knight versus the villain (of sorts). We LOVED every moment, my boys (all of them ;)) especially got in to the hand-to-hand combat parts. It got really intense near the end! They really know how to get the audience participating and I don’t know about anyone else but I really felt like we were in the middle ages. Such an amazing experience. I just can’t say enough about how good it was. Never once did I hear from kids the dreaded sentence “Can we go now?”

#MedievalTimesThe meal consisted of Dragon’s Blood (aka: Tomato Bisque Soup) and a piece of garlic toast, pheasant (aka: Half a chicken roast), Griffin’s Rib (aka, pork rib), half an herb-roasted potato and the pastry of the castle (ours was an apple pastry). All the food was so good, but seriously: come with an appetite, half a chicken is a lot of meat!

Here are some thoughts from the rest of the clan:

Steve (I did’t edit what he sent so there may be some duplicate information): 

To say that I loved the experience at Medieval Times is a serious understatement. For years I’d had passing thoughts about going there, but always viewed it as a “maybe some day” plan that would happen under some random circumstance. I was looking forward to going, expecting to have “dinner and a show,” and frankly, any night out to enjoy both was just a welcome thought. It could have been Taco Bell and a cheesy movie and I’d have probably still been grateful. However, my enthusiasm really picked up once we stepped inside the building. From being welcomed as a “lord,” given a crown on entry, taking our photo with the king, and seeing a lot of really great souvenirs (which were all very reasonably priced, I might add), I really began to feel my “inner kid” come out.

Then we were led into the theatre, and the show began. It started out with a few acrobatics (by the horses), and some building stories. And without giving anything away, it then exploded into a spectacular storyline, fantastic food, and seat gripping action. While it was obvious that everything was a scripted storyline (but then, so are movies), the acting was super, the action was heroic, and the feeling of being part of the action by being encouraged to cheer on our own knights was an epic experience. I’m normally fairly reserved, but I couldn’t help but feel compelled to be part of the action and to cheer on our knight until I was hoarse. To see him make it all the way to a final battle, and finish second, was both exhilarating and incredibly disappointing. It was genuinely difficult to see him lose the battle: I so badly wanted him to win.

It was an absolutely fantastic evening. What an incredible treat for our family to be able to go after winning the tickets, but without question, now that I’ve gone, the tickets are worth every penny. It is a fantastic experience for families of all ages, and there is no question that I will do this again. Go. Feast. Let your hair down, and forget about everything that’s nagging at you in the rest of your life. For a few hours, let yourself be immersed in another time and another place, and enjoy the show. You’ll never regret it.


It was FANTASTIC! I don’t think I’ve seen anything better. It was the best weekend of my whole life so far. I loved all the fighting, especially when the swords sparked during the fighting.


I liked the knights fighting. I liked the horses. And I liked the sword I got. (See the picture above 😉 )


I liked it. (What can I say he’s a boy of little words lol)

Thank you PTPA, @tjzmommy and @TorontoCastle for giving us an experience to remember!

*I was in no way compensated for, or asked to write this post, we just really genuinely had a great time and I wanted to thank all those involved in getting us the tickets and tell my readers of a great local family friendly excursion.*

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