Caseco Making My Phone Look Good Again

I have a bad habit of dropping my phone. A lot. I had my iPhone not even an hour and I dropped it on my living floor while setting it up. So I knew immediately I was going to need a good case to protect it. Finding a case that protects my phone while also looking good is hard to do! I found a case I liked and that did the job, but it wasn’t quite the look I was going for, however I had to choose functionality over style.

Caseco Shock Express CaseRecently I was introduced to a Canadian company (I love to support Canadian businesses) that makes stylish yet functional cases, called Caseco. And I do mean stylish. I was sent the Shock Express case in Avocado Green to review, and I love the colour and love the case! The stylishness of the case wasn’t something I noticed until it was on my phone. Once the case was on, I immediately fell in love with it. I love the shape, I love the little grippies on the sides and how it seems to make my phone pop off any surface. It’s a slightly slimmer case then my last one but I think because of the black inner lining it really makes my screen appear to be lifted (this might be something you need to see in person, it’s hard to describe). And of course, no phone case review would be complete if I didn’t drop my phone a few times (which I have done more times then I care to admit) and my phone is still in perfect condition. So I can tell you that it does indeed keep my phone protected well.

Some notable features of the Shock Express Case:


• Dual injection design that offers two layers of protection.

• Hard outer shell to protect the phone from strong impact.

• Soft inner shell made out of smooth high-quality rubber to effectively absorb shocks.

• Cover for the power as well as volume keys on the smartphone to avoid scratches and wear and tear

• Glossy finish of the outer shell makes it look extremely stylish

• Available in seven different shades

• Sleek and ergonomic design making it slip resistant and easy to fit into your pocket.

• Comes with a free screen protector.

Caseco Powerbox Universal ChargerI was also sent the Powerbox Universal Battery Charger to test out and I am really impressed with it! I had the chance to test it out one night when I went to my regular Wednesday movie night at a friend’s. As a social media junky, I couldn’t let my phone die while I was out so I brought along the battery charger and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed. My phone dropped to 36% battery life when I plugged it in and even with usage during charging I was back to a full charge within an hour. That’s impressive! My regular wall plug doesn’t even charge it that fast. Now I didn’t get a chance to see exactly how many charges I could get but a friend of mine has the same charger and she got two and half full-charges before she had to recharge the unit. That is amazing.

Some notable features & compatabliliy of the Powerbox:


• 2600 mAh Li-ion battery pack capable of giving 500+ charging cycles

• Sleek and ergonomic design

• Smooth and glossy finish

• Micro-USB connectivity

• Available in five different colours

Compatible with

Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Nexus 5 & Other USB compatible devices including iPhones

Currently Caseco has cases for the iPhone 4S (only the Shock Express), iPhone 5/5C/5S, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & 3, Samsung Mini S3/S4 and Samsung Galaxy S3/S4. The cases range in price from $19.99 – $34.99 and the Powerbox retails for $39.99.

So how would you like to win a Shock Express case for your own phone? Fill out the form below to enter! Only enter if you have–or know someone who has–an iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 4/4S, Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, & Galaxy S4 Mini.

  • Becca Ingram

    I’d give it to my hubby. His case is kind of busted.

  • Shari Goss

    My current one is cracked.

  • Brandee H

    Id give it to my husband. He is getting a new phone and our toddler is very hard on our phones and ipads. Cases are essential!!!

  • angela mitchell

    I would give it to my husband for his work phone.

  • I would give it to ME!

  • I need a new case! One that is durable and would handle falls better. LOL!

  • monica

    My self! I am clumsy lol

  • Jeannie

    I would keep it for me!

  • piroska

    I’d give it to my son.

  • Alison Braidwood

    I’d give this to my sister-in-law if I won

  • Larissa Visscher

    I would give this to my husband, he has the 5C, and is constantly dropping it!

  • kisten

    I would keep that great looking case for myself. I need a good case for my phone.

  • Brenda Penton

    I’d give it to myself :)

  • ameirah

    my best friend could so use it, she has kids that paly & no case…

  • Lori Jackson

    I think Ill keep this!

  • Michelle

    I’d give it to my sis.

  • Carolle Hall

    It would be for Me

  • kristy edgington

    my husband!

  • kathy downey

    Id give it to my husband he breaks everything lol

  • Dawn Wiley-Rader

    I’d give it to my daughter

  • Tammy M

    I’d give it to my hubby, he is alllllways dropping his phone!

  • valerie darsigny

    I will keep it for me as i have a new iphone 5c but didnt find a case I like yet.

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  • natasha s.

    to my mother in law

  • Andrea

    I’d keep it :)

  • Anna W

    My boyfriend is a big phone dropper! I would give it to him!

  • seham

    my daughter

  • Jan

    my husband just got a new phone

  • Lisa A

    My son. His current case is missing an important bottom piece.

  • Christa H.

    I would give it to a very dear friend, my sis or myself.

  • Terri

    I would give it to my husband for his new phone

  • Marianne

    I’d give it to my sister in law :)

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