Menu Plan Monday (Oct 7-13)
Menu Plan Monday

One of the things I have been excited to be a part of is the Menu Plan Monday meme. Meal planning is super helpful for keeping me on and often under budget, and in keeping my sanity, on those days when the kids have been extra tough to deal with. I like to try new recipes and to adapt them to our way of eating and I try to aim for at least three meatless meals a week. I don’t always succeed but I like to try. Hopefully as the weeks progress I’ll be able to add pictures of our meals as well.

So without further adieu, here is my first official menu plan:

Monday – leftovers from the week before (Beef roast, carrots and potatoes)
Tuesday – pork chops with quinoa and salad from this recipe (I’m switching out the couscous for Quinoa)
Wednesday – broccoli cheddar quiche
Thursday – leftovers/eat up what’s going to go bad
Friday – eating out, likely Quesada Burritos and Tacos (Our absolute most favourite burrito joint!)
Saturday – we’ll be at the inlaws and I *think* we’re having Thanksgiving dinner
Sunday – at the inlaws, so I won’t be cooking! Woot!

So that’s it, I’ll report back to you if Tuesday’s meal was a hit or not, it’s my first time making it. I hope to make this a regular thing so come back next week to see what we’ll be eating.

If you like this type of thing, please visit the Org Junkie Menu Plan Monday linkie post for hundred’s of menu ideas!


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