Did I find my bliss at Blissdom Canada?

I went to BlissdomHow do you sum up the experience that is Blissdom Canada 2013? I think you’ll find everyone who attended this conference will have a hard time “summing” it up. I’m even wondering if I need to write more then one post about my experience at my first ever Blissdom.

I told you in my last post about how I would have three roommates and how I knew one but didn’t “know” the other two. Well it turns out that my roomies are amazing women. All three of them. And one of them just happens to be the woman behind Wylde Rose Handmade Soap and Candles, if you haven’t tried her soaps, go do it. Now. They are amazing, but that’s getting off topic.

Chevrolet Camaro Test Drive

@ProductJunkieCA, @mommy2sassykids and I Test driving the Camaro!

Thursday was registration and welcome reception day. A day to meet my fellow bloggers and to start connecting with the AMAZING sponsors. Starting with Chevrolet who provided us with the opportunity to test drive some of their new vehicles. The highlight here, the Camaro of course. That baby has some power.

The Newcomer Welcome Reception and Sponsor Meet and Treat was amazing, I got to meet so many bloggers and reconnect with a few I had met last year. Everyone made me feel welcome and my initial fears of not belonging started to fade away.

Friday and Saturday were just more awesomeness. It started with a musically inspired keynote with Eric Alper, Ward and Al and Matt Dusk (can you say swoon?). My take aways from this session were to write because I love it and write often. And to just “be” in social media daily. I left this keynote on a musical high, ready to face the day and learn. And learn I did.

This years conference was focused around three main streams, Work, Create and Change. Since I am in the beginning stages of my blog and I want to make this blog my business, I chose the Work stream as my main focus. I have a lot of work to do, but I believe I am up to the challenge.  Although all the sessions on Friday were amazing, I think the most important thing I learned is that everyone is creative. My creativity may not look like your creativity but I AM creative and all I have to do is work on honing my creativity to bring you content that you’ll enjoy. I’m excited to find out what creative type I am. I got some great tips for creating great content and I’m looking forward to using those as well.

The keynotes. Oh the keynotes. How do I express my thoughts and feelings for two of THE BEST keynotes I have ever had the pleasure of hearing? My emotions after the Social Etiquette keynote with Neil Hedley, were all over the map. I don’t think a person in the room wasn’t affected by what was said. I hope everyone came away with a new understanding of the proper way to conduct yourself online. And the closing keynote with Drew Dudley, I’m not even sure I can articulate all that I felt during and after that talk. Really I think you just need to watch videos of him speaking on YouTube and check out his site filled with “Lollipop Moments“. Just go, you’ll know why when you get there. I hope I can either find or realize my lollipop moment soon.

To all the sponsors and all the attendees and the amazing Blissdom Canada team, THANK YOU! I am changed, I am inspired and I am ready to get this blog party started!

I cannot wait until next year.


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